Create a Business Plan for your Independent Travel Business

Create a business plan for your new independent travel company

Clearly you want to create a prosperous future for your independent travel business, one of the best tools to have. If you aren’t sure where to focus your attention or how to know what to include, then you’re in the right spot! This will be your starting point for creating a great business plan for your independent travel business!

Getting started with your business plan (for Independent travel advisors)

Determine your market (your clients)

One of the first things that you’ll want to do is figure out who your ideal market is – those who want to travel! As you already know, business travel clients will have very different needs from those who are taking family vacations or personal trips.

If you want to sell to multiple kinds of clients, that’s okay too. Just make sure that you are always focusing your energy and attention on what you need to do for each one, especially in those areas where your marketing will need to change.

What kind of travel-related services do you want to offer?

The next focal point is going to be what kind of travel-related service you’re going to want to offer. Travel is more than one type, after all. Are you going to focus on personal or business travel, like mentioned above? Perhaps you want to offer an education program related to travel (travel safety, for instance). Are you going to stay focused on traditional travel or something like destination wedding travel packages?

Again, you can offer multiple, be each has a different message.  Understanding the services you want to offer will help you focus on achieving the right goals. Plus, it may help you think about just what goals matter most to you!

What are your future plans for your business?

Another integral focal point for your business is going to be thinking about where you’d like it to be 2-5 years from now! Do you plan on growing into a larger company, for example? Or perhaps you want to go from domestic travel to international travel. Whatever those plans are, put them into your business plans so that you can take steps to achieve them when that future arrives.

Staying solo or finding a host agency: which is best?

Deciding to make a go of it on your own, business-wise, is a bold and admirable move! If this is currently the plan that you are on, then congratulations on this impressive choice! One of the main things that you’ll want to decide is whether or not this solo status is quite right for you.

Independent agents will enjoy many perks, to be sure, but being independent doesn’t have to mean that you have to be entirely on your own. You can consider aligning with a host agency. Whether you decide to work within a host agency to have added value that host has to offer, like resources and information, any help is going to be better than none!  Plus, who wouldn’t love having a support and team, in their back pocket?

Whatever your travel business is or hopes to be in the future, a dedicated and professional business plan will support you along your journey. These tips will help you make it as strong as it can be!  As well, it serves as a great reminder for where you have started, where you are now and reminders for checking back in.

Should you be ready to dip your toe into working with a team, like TRG Host Services, contact us today and let’s get started. There are many benefits for joining a host agency, we know, as we have been there too.  Let us help you grow your travel business!