Finding the Perfect Travel Host Agency

It's important to find the best boutique host travel agency for your travel biz

The right match makes all of the difference. That’s why independent travel businesses like you are around. And it’s also why travel host agencies like ours are around! We want people to work in collaboration with us so we all can help get the right person on the right trip, and you’re going to be a huge part of that end goal. However, you also need to know that you’re working with the right travel professionals — like us. How? Take a look.

Finding the right travel host agency fit

Professionalism is in the details

You have to make a choice that will, above all else, help you get to the goals you are most focused on. Our travel host process simplifies this for you by focusing on the same details you are.

Education and training

No matter what experience level you’re starting with, we’re here to help make the business easier and better. From newbie to seasoned travel pro looking for a shift, or better benefits, it’s all the same to us. We’ll offer training and education on everything you need, when and where you need it, for a better and much more enjoyable process. This ultimately transfers over to your customers, which is a win-win.

A boutique feel

A boutique travel host agency is going to feel very different from a larger corporation in the best way. A team made up of passionate and motivated travel professionals, you’ll be joining a virtual workplace that is filled with people who are going after the same goals that you are. It’ll be encouraging, positive, respectful, and focused on all of the things that you care about most, rather than just the bottom line.

Lead generation

Who says you have to go about doing all of the hard work for lead generation, right? Our community is going to help take that on with you by having the best marketing solutions at your fingertips so that you can dedicate more time and attention to what you want to do most — making things work for your current clients.

Regular, dependable payments

Large corporations are by the book. Which is fine. But we also understand that “by the book” sometimes makes things, like commissions, get a little delayed. One of our priorities is making sure that everyone is comfortable by making sure that everyone knows that regular, dependable commission payments are the norm here. After all, how can we expect you to trust us if we don’t take proper care of the things that matter most?  Plus, we have competitive commission splits so you get more money for your hard earned efforts.

The travel host you deserve

We understand that there’s a lot of competition out there and that you have your pick of agencies. However, we hope that when you see just what going with a boutique host travel agency like ours and what we can do, you’ll be able to see just why it’s going to be the right choice. Perfect for making sure that you are making the right decision from an informed point of view!

All that’s left is to take a look at just how it’s going to help you push forward and enjoy a career that feels right in all of the big and little ways. It’s always the little ways that matter more than you’d think at the end of the day. This is why TRG Host Services is the boutique travel host agency that is going to be precisely what you need and deserve.

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