What It’s Like to Go on a Small Ship Cruise Right Now

We Just Got Back from One!

Cruising is BACK, and my husband and I just returned from a remote Caribbean getaway aboard a small ship. No crowds. Ample deck space. Tons of chances for outdoor and private dining. And an opportunity to swim and play on secluded beaches, or even off the back of the ship itself.

Cruising is a bit different right now, but for the curious traveler ready to learn more about what it’s like, as well as the advantages of exploring a small ship with just hundreds of passengers vs. thousands, I’m ready to share the details.

We sailed with small ship line Windstar Cruises in the Caribbean as one of the very first guests aboard their newly reimagined Star Breeze all-suite Star Plus Class yacht. As part of a first-of-its- kind cruise industry innovation, over the last two years the ship was cut in half and had a new section added (increasing capacity from 212 passengers to up to 312), with new suites and expanded outdoor and indoor public spaces. We enjoyed the new spa and fitness center and two new restaurants, Candles and Cuatro 44. Star Breeze is one of three all-suite Windstar yachts to undergo the transformations and they are still small enough to visit the special small ports and waterways of the world.

It was a first-time experience for us on board Windstar’s Star Plus Class yacht, but we are very familiar with Windstar’s three sailing yachts (with actual sails!) as we used to work on board the Wind Spirit, Wind Star and Wind Surf as the watersports couple back in the day. Not much has changed, we still recognized some of the crew members and the service provided is extraordinaire! It felt like coming home. This itinerary started in St. Maarten and we visited Barbados, St. Lucia and Antigua. Next year October we will be sailing on the Wind Spirit in Tahiti and we would love to have you join us.

All passengers have to be vaccinated to cruise with Windstar, and there are several testing requirements to consider, many of which are handled by Windstar for free or for a fee. The line is also going above and beyond with new systems like HEPA filters and UV-C irradiation to clean and filter the air on board.

Want to hear more of our first-hand account about what’s it’s really like to cruise right now? We’d love to share the experience.Check out the photos we posted on our travelvoyageblue Facebook page and give us a call 305-998-8348. Bon Voyage, Ilja and Brad Chapman

About Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises operates a fleet of six boutique all-suite and sailing yachts carrying 148-342 guests. Small ship cruises sail throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Costa Rica and the Panama Canal, Asia, Alaska and British Columbia, Canada and New England, Tahiti and the South Pacific, Mexico and U.S. Coastal and Australia. Windstar launched the $250 Million Star Plus Initiative to transform the three all-suite Star Plus Class ships with new suites, restaurants, and a world-class spa and fitness center. The award-winning line is known for immersive experiences, destination authenticity, port-intensive itineraries, exceptional service, and an innovative culinary program.