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Travel Resources Group, TRG, is a privately owned Boutique Host Travel Agency providing a professional and personal platform for you as an Independent Travel Advisor.

Built on a well-established travel business serving the Florida Keys and beyond since 2006, our leadership knows what it takes to move forward during these unsettled times. Our experts can assist you in taking the steps to make your business a success.

TRG provides customized service to its Independent Travel Advisors, an extensive support system, and all the tools you need to manage your business.


Is it time to revive your travel planning business? 

Let us be your inspiration and support!  TRG knows what it takes to move your travel planning business to the next level.

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Our Travel Resources Group Team


Guy Burgess and David Quibell are the Managing Partners of All About You Travel LLC, which operates as Travel Resources Group. Utilizing high tech and personalized services they give independent travel advisors all the tools and support needed to succeed in the current travel environment.

Agency Manager

Ilja Chapman was born and raised in the Netherlands, travelled on all seven continents, and has been in the Hospitality Business since 1993. She has operated as an Independent Travel Advisor since 2014, and joined TRG in June 2020. Teamwork, excellent customer service and fun are the watchwords she lives by.

Independent Travel Advisors who are:

  • Passionate about travel and helping their clients experience the world.
  • Aspiring independent travel advisors with a personal business vision.
  • Managing an unique business model and branding, registered within any state.
  • Searching for a professional and personal platform without the overhead costs of a brick and mortar location.
  • Seeking to be part of a small team, but still be independent.
  • Looking for marketing solutions, database management, business coaching and, most important … Support & Community.

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Agency Manager, Ilja Chapman Shares her Journey to Travel Resources Group!

She strategically pivoted her business due to the pandemic in 2020.

Travel Resources Group is looking to add to their team!

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Interested in what it means to be an Independent Travel Advisor?

Are you an established Travel Advisor looking for your first host agency or perhaps you’re in need of a new host agency?

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